You May Run Into The Ghost Of A Celebrity At This Hollywood Hotel

This place is famous for being haunted by the ghost of Marilyn Monroe. The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel located in the heart of Hollywood, California and is the place where stars shine bright and dreams are torn apart.

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel was first opened in 1927 and it was the place to be. There were tons of celebrities and social elites that stayed in the hotel. From movie stars to political figures, someone with a name was always occupying a room. Now it wasn’t all glitz and glam all of the years, the hotel suffered some disturbing things… It’s been haunted since. 

The Most Haunted Place In California

Up until around 2004 the place wasn’t what it used to be, but in 2005 major renovations happened and the Hollywood Roosevelt became a popular destination once again. With the incline of clientele came something else….the rise of reports of paranormal activity

Check out this video we found on the brief  history of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Do you think the renovations woke up something or is it just displaced energy?

Could it just be imaginations running wild or actually something else, something real?

In this second video you’ll hear more stories of paranormal activity, it’s a pretty interesting video. I would like to check this place out, and will have to do my own investigation when I do. 

Here’s the second video…. 

Video Source- Jen Danczak

Would you stay in this hotel?

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  1. I first started attending conferences and dinners at the Hollywood Roosevelt back in the 1980’s… and the stories of Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift (and numerous “unknown” spirits) haunting certain rooms were well know back then. And complaints by 9th floor guests of “trumpet playing” in the middle of the night are well known… Clift was known to pay his trumpet in his 9th floor suite.

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