Strange And Creepy Random The Sword In The Stone Legend Is REAL And You Can Visit

The Sword In The Stone Legend Is REAL And You Can Visit

The Sword In The Stone Legend Is REAL And You Can Visit post thumbnail image

The Real Life Sword In The Stone

The legend of the sword in the stone has been one that has been around for a very long time. Disney’s 1963 film “The Sword in the Stone,” tells the story of a young orphan Arthur who ends up pulling the sword of the stone and becomes the king of England. There have been a lot of movie adaptations of the story.

But where did it all come from?

For a very long time, people thought the story of Arthur and Merlin was the real story; however, the REAL one has nothing to do with King Arthur or any magicians. The events also didn’t take place in England but rather in Italy. According to legend, the 12th-century knight Galgano Guidotti had 2 visions, 1 with the Archangel Michael who came as a protector, and the other with the 12 disciples of Jesus. Supposedly after the second vision, he thrust his sword into a rock and said if it went through then it was all real, well it did.

Apparently, after striking the stone through the rock the ground immediately hardened. Galgano took the event as a sign from above and lived the rest of his life as a hermit. Years after his death, Pope Lucius III canonized Galgano as a saint. The Pope went on to a church built around the location where he had his visions.

Whatever the case may be, if you’re interested in learning more, check out the video we found showcasing the sword in the stone.

Video Source – Beyond Science

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