A Bloodcurdling Look At The Vampire Cafe, Enter If You Dare

The Vampire Cafe

If you’re ever in the Tokyo, Japan area and have a taste for all things “vampire,” the Vampire Café is the place to go. The Vampire Café located in the luxury shopping district of Ginza is a place like no other. Just imagine if Lestat invited you over for dinner and you actually got to eat dinner and weren’t dinner yourself, that would be this place.

Located on the 7th floor from the moment you walk in, you’ll feel like you walked into a vampires den. From the color scheme which is bright red, to the floors which are in the pattern of giant red blood cells. The curtains are deep red and the menus are shaped like coffins.

The place has a dim lighting night scary kind of vibe going on with  it. And when you order you have to ring a bell in order to get service. There’s candle’s and mirrors smeared with blood on it. It’s the kind of place that may give you the creeps if you don’t like vampires.

Looking to check it out in person? Check out their site here >

Check out the video we found showcasing the Vampire Cafe by Yummy Japan

Video Source – Yummy Japan

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