An Inside Look At Ed Warrens Occult Museum Office Exactly As He Left It

Inside Ed Warrens Paranormal Office

Ed and Lorraine Warren were the famed paranormal investigators who became popular after the Conjuring movies came out. Ed Warren was a self-taught demonologist, also an author, and a lecturer. In 1954 Ed and Lorraine founded the New England Society For Psychic Research. Throughout the decades the Warrens worked on over 10.000 cases.

The Warrens worked on infamous cases like the Amityville Horror and the events that transpired into the Conjuring movies. The Warrens were known around the world, some say they weren’t real but others who dealt with them directly know they were the real deal. There were other investigators that tried to say that the Amityville case and a few other cases weren’t real.

However, those who were directly affected by the case say otherwise. Throughout all of the years of dealing with the paranormal field, they amassed a large array of various haunted objects. One of those objects was the infamous cursed doll many known as “Annabelle”.

Today you’re going to see Ed Warrens’s desk how it looked the last time he touched it. He has since passed but the office remains the same way. Check out the video we found by

Video Source – Official Ed And Lorraine Warren Channel

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