Strange And Creepy Random,The Paranormal Cleveland’s Most Haunted House Has a Dark History Of Cults, Evil, And Death

Cleveland’s Most Haunted House Has a Dark History Of Cults, Evil, And Death

Cleveland’s Most Haunted House Has a Dark History Of Cults, Evil, And Death post thumbnail image

Cleveland’s Most Haunted House

There’s a reason why they call the Franklin Castle, Cleveland’s most haunted house. The monstrous mansion has a rather odd and creepy history behind it. Some of it could honestly be part of a season of the show American Horror Story. Just looking at the mansion from outside is enough to give you the creeps. The other odd part is the location of the haunted mansion. It sits in the middle of an urban area, not the kind of place you would think to find a scary house of this magnitude.

Most who have seen the haunted mansion will agree, it’s the kind of place that gives you the chills upon first seeing it. But the real story behind the history of the house is beyond tragic. The infamous mansion was built in the year 1881 by Hannes Tiedemann. He was a wealthy banker and founder of the Union Banking & Savings Co. In Cleveland.

The name came from the road it was built on, that’s where the name the Franklin castle came from. Even with all that wealth, he was surrounded by so much tragedy and misfortune. He went through the deaths of 4 children, his wife, and his mother while living in the mansion. There are those that say there was a curse put on him, then others talk about occult practices that went on. No one really knows what happened, but what is known is that he did donate a lot of money and was known for being a good person.

Check out the video below we found of Clevelands’ Most Haunted House and let us know your thoughts.

Video Source – News 5 Cleveland

The Most Haunted Mansion In Ohio

There are stories from pasts residents and guests of some pretty spooky things going on. Loud footsteps and disembodied voices coming from empty rooms and areas. Cold spots and strange light problems around the time something paranormal would happen. Could the ghosts of the children and the family still be haunting the mansion? Or could the location be some kind of portal to another dimension frequented by spirits and other entities?

Some say it’s nothing more than the imagination of the mind at work. A creepy old place with such a history sparks a certain sense of fear within us. Could this fear trigger something in our minds that causes us to see or hear things that aren’t there? Others think the stuff that happens within the mansion is the cause of energy trapped within a time loop of some sort. Almost like an old movie that gets stuck in a certain spot and keeps playing over and over. Whatever the case may be, a lot of people have had some rather odd things happen to them while inside of the mansion.


There are dark rumors of murder and things of that nature. The truth is there have been 4 deaths and none of them were proven to be foul play of any kind. So could the overall menacing look be at the root cause for all of the creepy legends and tales behind the castle? Or could there have been something sinister going on within the walls of the mansion, something paranormal in nature?

Video Source – Acid Entertainment

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