New Jersey Man Builds 14Ft Lincoln Snow Sculpture In His Front Yard

The 14-Foot Tall Work of Art

It’s always fun during the winter to build a snowman and forts. But one New Jersey man has taken his work of art to a whole new level. A Cranford man by the name of Robert Schott created a 14-foot tall snow-sculpture in his front yard. This isn’t the first time Robert has created a work of art in his front yard. In recent years he created ice sculptures of “Olaf” from the movie Frozen, Snoopy, and other characters.

Video Source – CBS NEW YORK

Schott told CBS NEW YORK the following.

I’m always asked why I do this? “One is I like to create, but I think more importantly is the joy it brings to people that come to see it.”

David by Donatello

He also explained it’s not something he does every year. It takes a lot of time patience and the right kind of weather. With the quarantine still going on in certain parts of the country, it seemed like the best time to do it. It brings joy to all of those who come and check out his work of art. The whole thing is set in stages, it’s not just a throw up some snow and create it. Check out the video below of the initial process and the hard work it took to create it.

Video Source – CranfordTV35

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