Gizmo And Billy From Gremlins Are Back For The First Time In Over 30 Years

The Mountain Dew TV Commercial

So it’s been 37 years since Billy and Gizmo from the iconic movie “Gremlins” have been together. Mountain Dew decided to bring back Billy and Gizmo for an awesome tv commercial. For those of you who haven’t ever seen the movie. It’s the one about a young man who gets a strange creature as a gift that he must keep a careful eye over. There are certain rules to keeping “Gizmo” and all must be followed if not some pretty terrible things can happen.

Check out the video of the tv commercial and let us know what you think

Video Source – Mountain Dew

Billy and Gizmo did have a joint appearance way back in 1990 for the 2nd movie. So for Zach Galligan it was like taking a trip down memory lane. He even had a moment where he spoke to Gizmo almost as if he was real. The voice of Gizmo is played by Comedian/ Actor Howie Mandel. The odd part is that Zach and Howie never met each other.

The sound portion was done in advance, so there was no need for Mandel to come to the set. Zach claims he has never seen nor met him in his entire life. So maybe the meeting between those 2 will eventually happen and he can finally meet the voice behind Gizmo.

Check out this video of the original trailer for the first Gremlins movie

Video Source – Movie Clips classic trailers

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