10 Of The Creepiest Dreams Ever Recorded

10 Of The Creepiest Creepiest Dreams Ever 

Strange And Creepy Dreams 

Have you ever woken up suddenly out of breath and in  a frantic rush, almost as if something or someone was chasing you? You sit up and and you're wide awake and can't lay back down, everything seems to be going 100 mph but you're still in bed. You look at the clock and realize it's still the middle of the night.

 This is something that's fairly common in people, more so some than others. However when it happens to you, you never really forget that dream it always seems to stick with you. Among all of the dreams that we have we never really remember anything except the ones that leave an imprint on our minds, and those are usually the bad ones! 

What's the worst dream that you've ever had?

Some people have reoccurring nightmares, and some say that these are premonitions of the future. However there are those that say that there's a scientific explanation for this, and that it's usually things that we're subconsciously afraid of playing out in our dream like a bad B rated movie. However many explanations people can come up with still doesn't change the fact that these dreams are horrible in their own way. 

Most of the time when we have these dreams we try and do everything in our power to forget them or try to think of something else before going to bed. But is there something more to these dreams, or are they just that, dreams? 

Check out this video of 10 of the creepiest dreams ever that we found, it's pretty creepy to hear some of these dreams! 

10 Of The Creepiest  Dreams Ever Recorded 

Video Source – MindChop 

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