Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained You’ll Never Want To Dream Ever Again After Watching This!

You’ll Never Want To Dream Ever Again After Watching This!

You’ll Never Want To Dream Ever Again After Watching This! post thumbnail image

10 Of The Creepiest Creepiest Nightmares Ever

At one point in time or another, we’ve all woken up in a sweaty frantic rush. It’s almost like we just got done running a marathon, except our senses are on full alert. Then when you realize it was all a dream you begin to calm down. The dream we just came out of seemed all too real. It felt like we couldn’t come out of it, almost like your stuck. The worst is when you remember everything, then you don’t want to go back to sleep. Yup, it’s those darn night terrors, but why do they happen? Are they things that might happen in the future, or it something else? Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts.

10 Of The Creepiest  Dreams Ever Recorded

Video Source – MindChop 

What’s The Worst Nightmare You’ve Ever Had?

Some people have reoccurring nightmares, the kind you don’t want to have. Some of these dreams seem so real as if they were really happening. Then the following night, the same thing ends up happening. No one really knows why this is, but it’s something that happens to all of us. Some say there’s an underlining message within the dream. The dream is trying to tell us something that we need to correct in our lives. Others say they are premonitions of the future, something that may or may not happen.

The mind is a crazy thing to understand. As much as we’ve studied it we still don’t know much about it. We don’t know why dreams really happen or what they’re for. No one that we know has been able to totally control a dream. We don’t know if dreams are certain memories mixed up in some kind of way. It could be that nightmares are subconscious fears or thoughts that manifest. What do you think? What’s the worst nightmare you’ve ever had?

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