Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained Utah Man Shows Off 20 Year Old Mcdonalds Hamburger

Utah Man Shows Off 20 Year Old Mcdonalds Hamburger

Utah Man Shows Off 20 Year Old Mcdonalds Hamburger post thumbnail image

Now most of you and if not all who are reading this have had a McDonald’s hamburger at some point your life. If you haven’t you already know about McDonald’s or at least have gone by one at some point in your life. For years we have all been hearing that the food is actually not really fit for human consumption.

How so?

There have been numerous people who have kept food to see how long it would take to decompose. Well that seems to be a big problem with McDonald’s hamburgers. How do we know this? Well the video below is that of a man from Utah who held on to a burger to show how things decompose. He forget about the burger and one thing lead to the another and decided to keep it to see how long it would actually last.

Well here we are 20 years later and the burger still looks like it just came out of the wrapper. I don’t about you all, but that kind of freaks me out just a bit. Will I STOP going to McDonalds because of this? Probably not, and I say this because McDonald’s always seems to have a location in the most far out places.

But would this make you look at your dinner options a little different from now on?

Check out the video we found by KUTV 2 NEWS Salt Lake City Utah and let us know your thoughts.

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