5 Extremely Haunted Places In Salem You Have To Visit

Haunted Places In Salem

Salem, Massachusetts is no stranger when it comes to paranormal and haunted activity. The history behind the town is beyond messed up. It’s filled with paranoia, death, and past of misery and misfortune. However, Salem has turned into a hub for witches and lovers of the paranormal. If you’ve ever been to Salem you know the city isn’t anything like it used to be.

However, the city and all its hidden secrets tend to pop up every now and then. Some say the ghosts of those who were killed are still lingering around town. There are also stories of other entities that roam the area who were attracted by the violence, anger, and misery caused by extreme paranoia a long time ago.

Today you’re going to get to see 5 places that are known to be extremely haunted. You’ll be able to follow behind To Salem as they venture into the unknown world of the paranormal. Check out the video and let us know your thoughts.

Video Source- To Salem

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