9 Terrifyingly Amazing Horror Themed Restaurants That Are A Must Visit

Looking to take a road trip to some haunted places this year? Well if you are and you’re looking to keep the theme up when you’re hungry, check this out. There are horror themed restaurants in various cities and towns all across the United States.

We haven’t been to very many of these, but the one we DID visit a few times is New York’s Jekyl and Hyde Club. It’s an amazing place that looks like something out of a horror movie. They have a ton of animatronics and people in costumes that make the experience even better.

But that’s not the only place there is in NYC. Now they have the Tim Burton themed restaurant with actors and some crazy decor as well. They also have one in Los Angeles, but what about other cities?

Don’t worry, if you AREN’T in either of these cities and are still looking for a creepy place to eat at, you still have some options. New Orleans, Portland, Chicago, and various other cities have some pretty cool places to check out as well.

Check out this video we found by Food And Wine and let us know which place is your favorite.

Video Source – Food And Wine

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