Strange And Creepy Random You Can Now Bring Home Your Very Own Terrifying Annabelle Doll

You Can Now Bring Home Your Very Own Terrifying Annabelle Doll

You Can Now Bring Home Your Very Own Terrifying Annabelle Doll post thumbnail image

Anabelle Comes Home

Mezco Toyz unleashed the movie version of the Annabelle doll and it’s here to make your world a living nightmare. The doll from the Conjuring universe is about 6” tall and is wearing its signature dress with the red ribbon around its waist. The doll also has interchangeable legs so you can adjust the doll to stand up or sit down.

Annabelle comes packed in a collectors window box so if you’re too scared to take her out of the box you can just leave her in there lock her away. The doll is priced at around $100 and will be available to be shipped between June and August of this year.

The real Annabelle doll is said to be one of the most haunted dolls on the planet earth. The real story behind it is even creepier than the movie version. It was said to be a birthday gift from mother to a daughter. Strange things started happening after a while and eventually things got out of control.

They found notes with ‘Help me’ on parchment paper when there wasn’t any parchment paper in the house. Eventually things started to get even scarier when demonic activity started taking place. Ed and Lorraine Warren finally took the case and figured out it wasn’t a spirit but a demon pretending to be a little girl. To make a long story short, this isn’t the type of doll you would want in your home.

Don’t worry Mezco’s version isn’t going to come with demons…..

Looking to get on the wait list for the doll? Check out their site here > MEZCO TOYZ ANNABELLE

Check out the clips of Annabelle in Annabelle Comes Home trailers via Warner Bros. Pictures and let us know your thoughts.

Video Source – Warner Bros. Pictures

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