A Wizard Of Oz Remake Is Happening And Some Fans Aren’t Happy!

The Wizard Of Oz Remake

Although there were many attempts to cash in on the original Wizard Of Oz. All of the movies that came after it was met with not a lot of open arms. The critics weren’t even happy with any of those movies, then again when are the critics ever happy? However, within the past few weeks, there have been 3 major production deals that are inspired by the book. A Wicked movie that is inspired by the stage production. Also a story about Toto, Dorthy’s dog, and the remake that is supposedly directly drawn from the book.

Video Source – The Harsh Truth

We live in the day and age of remakes and reboots. Most of them have been ok if not terrible. Let’s just forget about the Ghostbusters Reboot and Nightmare On Elm Street ones. It’s been 80 years since the iconic movie hit the screens, and some feel it’s time to get it a fresh look. However, there are a lot of fans of the original that don’t agree with this idea at all.

Check out this video we found by LA Quadling and let us know your thoughts on the Wizard of Oz remake.

Video Source – LA Quadling

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