Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained An Inside Look At The Bakery That’s Also a Horror Museum

An Inside Look At The Bakery That’s Also a Horror Museum

An Inside Look At The Bakery That’s Also a Horror Museum post thumbnail image

The Horror Bakery Museum

If you love everything horror movies, cupcakes, and other sweet treats, you’re in for the ultimate treat. In mid-2019, “Spooky Swirls” a horror-themed bakery and museum opened up. The 1,500-square-foot bakery/museum has something for everyone that loves horror and treats.

Spooky Swirls opened in partnership with the Horror & ScifiProp Association. They helped to supply over 150 props and collectibles for the bakery to showcase. The bakery also holds a large movie area where they showcase some of the horror classics. The location also has an extensive horror magazine collection among many other horror props and memorabilia.

The owners started off with a food truck and made some Jason Vorhees-themed cupcakes that gave the horror association an idea. They ended up partnering and creating a location that all horror and sweet fans can enjoy.

Spooky Swirls creates various themed cupcakes and treats.  Spooky Swirls has some pretty amazing props, most of them have been used on the sets of movies and have their own stories to tell. Check out this video post we found by Twin Arrows Adventures.

Check out Spooky Swirls Facebook Fanpage here > Spooky Swirls

Video Source – Twin Arrow Adventures

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