There’s Going To Be A Smiley Face In The Night Sky This Weekend

The Night Sky Smiley Face

If you’re feeling down and depressed and need a smile to pick you up, just look up. This weekend a smiley face will light up the night sky, well depending on where you’re at and if it’s going to rain or not. Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon will all be lining up in a way to form a smiley face in the night sky. If there was ever a time we need a smile in the night sky it’s during this pandemic.

The 3 planets are known to be the 3 brightest objects that we can see from Earth, making it an awesome time for them to line up. The event will happen in North America on May 16th, 2020 so if you don’t have anything going on tomorrow night, this is your chance to get smiled at.

The planets will only be visible during the evening and night sky, so you won’t have a lot of time to check them out if you’re planning on it. Will you be planning on seeing it from where you’re at this weekend?

Video Source – Common Science

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