A Creepy Walk Through Inside a 1600’s Salem Witch Trial House

Salem Witch Trials

Between the years of 1692 and 1693 in the town of Salem, Massachusetts there were a series of trials, hearings, and prosecutions known as ” The Salem Witch Trails”. During that time there were over 200 trials and 19 of them ended with death because someone accused others of being witches…

But were they really witches?

Let’s just say you wouldn’t want to be on the accused end of it all. And to think it all started because someone said they were possessed by the devil and accused a bunch of other men and women to be witches.

In a time so deeply rooted in religion, everything that wasn’t deemed as good was looked at as bad. It didn’t matter what it was you did, if someone thought it was witchcraft, then there was a good chance you would probably have to stand trial and even worse off in the end.

Not much from that time remains, but in the video we found by Traveling Tom. He goes inside the home of a judge from the trials by the name of Johnathan Corwin’s home.

It’s a silent video but it’s really cool to see. Let us know your thoughts and if you’ve ever been there or planning to in the near future!

Video source – Traveling


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