Crying boy haunted painting

A Creepy Inside Look At The World’s Most Haunted Painting

The World’s Most Haunted Painting

You wouldn’t expect a painting of a crying boy to be the world’s most haunted painting. However, this painting has been in 50 homes that have caught on fire. Supposedly the original painting was created by a Spanish artist of an orphan. His studio burnt down and the child in the painting died in a car crash. Some say the child is stuck in the painting and his curse is the fires it produces.

video source – Laurence Sullivan

In the last video we found, you’ll get a different perspective on the painting how it could possibly be effecting people. Do you think the stories of the painting are partially the reason that peoiple having fires? Maybe they think about it and somehow subconciously cause the fires? I know it’s a a long stretch, but what do you all think?

Video Source – It’s A Weird World

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