This Painting Is Said To Be Responsible For Over 50 House Fires!

Crying boy haunted painting
Crying boy haunted painting

The World’s Most Haunted Painting

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to a terrible house fire. Everything goes up in a blaze and you can’t stop it. After the madness calms down it’s time to see what can be salvaged. To your surprise the one thing that didn’t go up in the blaze was the painting of the crying boy. This happened on numerous occasions. In fact, it happened in 50 or more homes. The one thing that was in common in all of the homes was the crying boy painting. Imagine the horror of finding such a dreaded painting still ok amongst the ashes of your personal belongings? I honestly don’t know why someone would want this painting in the first place. Check out this video post we found behind the painting.

video source – Laurence Sullivan

The Haunted Painting

Stories of the cursed painting started circulating on September 4, 1985, in a the British paper The Sun. The story was about a cursed painting that even local fire fighters were talking about. They were all confused and also a bit scared of the painting. The fires weren’t in any specific location, they were happening all over the U.K..


The odd part of it all is that you could find the painting in stores during the 1950s-70s. For some reason people were buying them, especially young couples. Apparently the boys curse was supposedly real, but there isn’t any proof. The odd part is the fact that there were so many stories about the painting. Why would a mass produced piece of paper be the cause for so many paintings? Could there be more to the ones that were found in the homes than the others? Why would young couples buy the painting for their home? Most people would look at it and keep walking buy. Then again it was a different era and time.

Video Source – BBC

In the last video we found, you’ll get a different perspective on the painting how it could possibly be effecting people. Could even a reproduction of the painting cause so much chaos? Do you think the stories of the painting are partially the reason that people having fires? Maybe they think about it and somehow subconsciously cause the fires? I know it’s a a long stretch, but what do you all think?

Video Source – It’s A Weird World

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