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Curse Of The Crying Boy Painting

From looking at this painting, it doesn’t look very menacing at all does it? You probably get some kind of sad vibe because of the boys tears and expression. So how could a painting like this be so creepy and connected to such awful tragedies?

Like what?


In every case the only thing that survived was the painting, and other paintings around this initial one burned with the rest of the stuff in the houses.

How could this be?

Supposedly the original painting was created by a Spanish artist of an Orphan. His studio burnt down and the child in the painting died in a car crash, and now he’s forever trapped in the painting cursing everyone who has his painting in their house. Now I have NO IDEA why anyone would want this painting in their house in the first place, it’s creepy as you know what!

Check out the video on this story!

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