A Look Inside The Place That Would Make Dracula Smile – The Vampire Museum

The Vampire Museum

Paris, France’s “Museum of Vampires and Legendary Creatures” is a place like no other. Well it’s probably because it’s the only place of its kind on the entire planet.

 Even the entrance way leading to the museum is creepy. You come up to a black and scarlet entrance that opens up to a door leading to a creepy dead garden that looks like a cemetery.  Bats and other creepy props are hanging and then there’s a sign that welcomes you.


The whole premise behind the museum is the research of vampirism, esotericism and occidental folklore. Jacques Sirgent is the curator and scholar how has done a lot of research on the topics. His lifetime of collecting, translating rare texts, and learning about vampires and the occult make for an interesting visit.

When you visit you’ll get a cryptic history of Paris and the cemeteries where legends of vampirism and other creepy things have happened throughout the ages. The museum also has a bunch of literature, toys, antique books and various other things related to vampires and the occult.

Video Source – Ivanna Protsuik

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