Strange And Creepy The Paranormal There’s a Terrifyingly Haunted History Hidden Under Portland

There’s a Terrifyingly Haunted History Hidden Under Portland

There’s a Terrifyingly Haunted History Hidden Under Portland post thumbnail image

Shanghai Tunnel 

Portland’s Most Haunted Location 

Portland’s Shanghai tunnel system has always had a bad reputation. In the late 1850’s it was a hub for trade, it saw its share for people from various places. A trip to the local pub back then could have meant a one-way ticket overseas without your consent. There were rumors that people were being taken and sold through slave trades. Stolen goods and various other things were being shipped through this underground network.

There were stories of murders, prostitution, and other terrible things going on. Some say this is the reason the tunnel system is so haunted. Others say it’s the ghost of sailors still coming in and out through the tunnels. Those who have been in the tunnel all agree it’s creepy. Many also say they feel as if someone is watching and following them.
Check out the video post we found by Lindsey Holiday and let us know your thoughts.

Source – Lindsey Holiday

A Talk About The Tunnels 

Video Source – Shirley Orbitz 

Portland’s Haunted Tunnels

The tunnels have been featured on shows such as Ghost Adventures among many others. All agree that there is some kind of spiritual presence residing within the tunnels. And that dark ones have also taken residence down there. Could they be feeding off the souls that still are wandering around there? Could a location like these tunnels ever be cleansed to the point that it could be used again? Or would a place like this forever be stained by the infamy that happened in the past?

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