An Inside Look At The Most Haunted Hotel And Spa In Texas

The Haunted Hotel

Galveston, Texas Galvez Hotel is a beautiful place to see and stay at. During the early 1900’s it was dubbed “The Playground of the Southwest”. It was primarily visited and utilized by the rich and elite. But, only 11 years after it was built a monster hurricane killed 6,000 plus residents of the island. The location now sits on top of what used to be the beach hotel. This included areas like the pagoda bath house and the electric pavilion.

When you have 6,000 people die in such a terrible way, there’s no wonder that a place like this is going to be so haunted! Since the time of the tragedy, countless guests have reported some odd things. Guests have seen things move, heard disembodied voices, and have seen spectral visitors. Some guests have even caught some pretty good evps, and photographs.

Ghosts From The Past

When you have a tragic event that cuts peoples lives short. You always have some kind of paranormal events happen. Could it be the past is playing like an old movie? Others say that the guests are still there and never plan on leaving.

Here’s a video we found telling about the history of the Galvez hotel hauntings

This place has become a popular destination for ghost hunters, with so many accounts of hauntings more and more hunts are taking place.The whole island is haunted, with so much tragedy in the past it’s no wonder things like this are going on. 

Check out this video of a guest getting an EVP  at  the Galvez hotel

Now the real question is this….

Would you stay in this hotel, and if so…. Would you stay in room #505 or 507?

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