A Look Creepy Behind The Paranormal In The Most Haunted Hotel In Texas

The Haunted Galvez Hotel

Galveston, Texas Galvez Hotel is a beautiful place to see and stay at. During the early 1900’s it was dubbed “The Playground of the Southwest”. It was primarily visited and utilized by the rich and elite. But, only 11 years after it was built, a monster hurricane killed 6,000 plus residents. The hotel was rebuilt over what used to be the Beach Hotel. This included areas like the pagoda, bathhouse, and electric pavilion. Even though they rebuilt the hotel and changed everything up. The ghosts of the past still remain, you can’t just wash away a tragedy like that. This has led many to believe that the hotel is in fact haunted. 

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The Most Haunted Hotel In Texas

The hotel’s most famous ghost isn’t one that perished in the hurricane, it’s that of the “Love Lorn Lady.” The girl who committed suicide after she was told her love perished at sea after a big storm only to have him show up a few days after her death. Some claim to have seen her in room 501, others say they have smelled perfume and have heard the voice of a woman while in the room. Then you have the ghosts of the nun and the children that perished in the hurricane the destroyed the first hotel. People claim to have heard children talking and playing in the halls of the hotel. Others have claimed to have seen the nun in some areas of the hotel. Could these be the echoes of the past or are they still there?

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Now the real question is this….

Would you stay in this hotel, and if so…. Would you stay in room #505 or 507?

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