Could This Be The Real Jersey Devil?

Could This Be The Real Jersey Devil?

Could This Be The Real Jersey Devil?

If you like strange and creepy things then you're not new to legend of the Jersey Devil. It's the hideous creature that was birthed by a witch in New Jersey over a 100 years ago. Supposedly a woman who was a witch gave birth to the hideous creature that many have said is the child of the devil. Now throughout the decades many have gone in search of this creature and no one has been fortunate or unfortunate enough to meet this creature face to face.

However some say they have in the past but don't have any real documented proof, and without proof it's hard to say if it's real. There are so many people who fake videos and pictures in order to get their 10 seconds of fame that it's not even funny. So how are we supposed to believe that this creature is even real? Well there have been countless sightings and reports of this creature, so we at Strange and Creepy believe that where there's smoke there's fire. 

There has to be some kind of truth behind all of these stories, but from looking at this picture we don't believe that it's proof. It looks more like a My Little Pony Doll that had some modifications and throw in the air and taken a video of. There are those who say the video is legit, and then you have those who say it isn't. Maybe it is the Jersey Devil, who knows, but check out the video and see what you think! 





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