The D.C Demon Cat Ghost

The D.C Demon Cat Ghost

The Cat You Don’t Want To Run Into! 

Since we started the site, we haven’t done a post on the ghost of an animal.This story was a bit freaky considering that the ghost of this cat isn’t a nice one. The place that this ghost resides at is in and around various government buildings in Washington D.C.

It’s odd to think about the ghost of a cat that supposedly creates poltergeist like activity on certain occasions. Other times when the cat is seen, a horrible tragedy of some sort occurs a short time after that. 

But who knows…. 

The crazy part is sometimes this cat does some pretty intense stuff, I think I would freak out if a ghost cat with red eyes approached me. What would you do if you worked there and you saw this cat? Would go back to work or quit and find something else, far away from the demon cat?

Check out this video we found with an explanation about the cat

The D.C Demon Cat Ghost

Source – Youtube – William Defalco

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