The Washington D.C. Demon Cat – A Horrifying Poltergeist Or Something Else?

The Demonic D.C. Black Cat

Washington D.C. is no stranger when it comes to the paranormal. It’s the nations capital and it has an extensive history. There are a lot of locations within the Washington D.C. area that are said to be haunted like the Octagon House. However, when it comes to ghosts and poltergeist, that last thing we would think of is a cat of all things. When you think of scary cats, you probably think of a black cat that belongs to a witch. But the history behind this one is murky at best.

From the mid 1800s to the early 20th century, the demon cat was a story that was spread a lot. The infamous black cat with red eyes that would strike fear into the hearts of those who saw it. Some say the ghostly cat would attack them and leave vicious cuts. Others who saw the cat would complain of terrible nightmares, almost like the cat was invading their dreams. But how much of the story is actually truth, today we are going to find out. Check out the video and let us know your thoughts.

The D.C Demon Cat Ghost

Source – William Defalco

Demonic Black Cat Or Made Up Story?

There was a story in 1935 about the demon cat that left out some things. Supposedly the whole story started with a security guard that was well connected. Apparently he had a pretty bad drinking problem. He would pass out and sometimes cats would come by and lick his face. He would wake up and get sent home, but when he was asked by his superiors what the problem was, he blamed the demonic cat. So could all of this have happened because of one drunk mans stories?

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