You Can Now Sleep In An Old Jail In a Haunted Jail Cell, Would You Do It?

Ottawa, Ontario’s Ottawa hostel has a very insane reputation for being haunted. The hostel which was a former jail that was decommissioned in 1972 has some very terrifying stories behind it. Hostelling International purchased the building and left a lot of it in its original state.  Now guests are able to interact with the theme of staying the night in a jail.

The top floor of the jail which served as the jails ‘death row,’ has been restored to its original condition and tours are done on a daily basis. In 2009, they opened a bar called Mugshots that’s open in the courtyard during the summer months.

Most of the jail is almost back to its original state including the area of the gallows. Some years back they found a lot of unmarked graves and it’s hard to tell how many more on the grounds of the jail there really are. The jail had a very bad reputation for the inhuman treatment of the prisoners.

Some say a lot of those prisoners who died in the jail didn’t leave. Others say the place has a negative vibe hanging over it and that you can feel the energy when you’re visiting. Now it’s hostel you can stay at if you’re brave enough.

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Video Source – Romina

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