Bonaventure Cemetery

The Most Haunted Cemetery In The South – Bonaventure Cemetery, Georgia

Bonaventure Cemetery- Savannah,Georgia

Every cemetery has some kind of spooky part to it, I mean it’s the final resting place for all of those who passed. Sometimes those who passed didn’t want to go to the other side so they linger on. However, Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia seems to have an overabundance of ghosts that don’t seem to want to pass on. The cemetery is around 150 years old and even since the first grave was set it’s been said to be haunted.

There are some graves that have held some national attention throughout the years, one being the grave of Gracie Watson. Gracie Watson was a child who died at a young age, and her fame came when the architect of her grave stone made it so life like that people were drawn to it. Some say that she still haunts her grave and the nearby location where she died at.

Check out this video of the Georgia’s Bonaventure Cemetery and let us know what you think!


A creepy walkthrough of Bonaventure Cemetery

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The Most Haunted Cemetery In The South

There are those that say cemeteries aren’t really that haunted at all. The reason being is that there isn’t a special attachment to their final resting place. Spirits go where they are familiar with, and a grave wouldn’t be that place. However, there are those that say this isn’t true, and that they go wherever they want. I guess we won’t know until we finally reach that point in our existence as well. Maybe we aren’t supposed to know, the closer we think we are to an answer the further away we really are. What are your thoughts? Leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.

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