Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained The Dutchmen’s Lost Gold

The Dutchmen’s Lost Gold

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The Lost Dutchmen's Gold 

There's an old legend many say is true that comes from a mine located in Phoenix, Arizona's Superstition Mountain. The story says that the mines were originally owned by the Peralta family, it's also said  it was one of the most profitable mines in history. Supposedly a group of Apache Indians brutally murdered the family and took over the mines as their own, it's also said  Geronimo's name popped up in the story a few times. 

Throughout the years a few people who were lucky enough to be granted permission into the mine said they were allowed to carry out as much gold as they could. They were said to have been blindfolded before entering the mine so they weren't able to spread word of the mines actual location. It's also been said that the Apaches said the thunder god was the one who didn't agree with the Peralta family, and that he was the one that murdered the family, not the tribe.

Check out the video on a man who said he found the Lost Dutchmen's Gold 


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