Strange And Creepy The Paranormal This 191 Year Old Haunted Prison Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

This 191 Year Old Haunted Prison Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

This 191 Year Old Haunted Prison Is The Stuff Of Nightmares post thumbnail image

Eastern State Penitentiary

The Most Haunted Prison On The East Coast

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s Eastern State haunted prison was constructed in 1829 and was made to look like a fortress. It was dark, scary, and a terrifying monster of a place made to scare everyone who gazed upon it. Eastern State was the very first prison to ever use solitary confinement. Their version of it was far worse than what you would find in most current prisons.

It was the first penitentiary of its kind and was designed to hold prisoners in solitary confinement as a form of rehabilitation. The prison’s unique design, with its radial layout and soaring Gothic architecture, made it an architectural marvel of its time. However, the prison’s history is also marred by tales of violence, torture, and despair. Today, Eastern State Penitentiary is a popular tourist attraction known for its haunted past and paranormal activity.

Imagine being locked in a tiny hole without any kind of light. Think about the kind of horrors that would go through your mind while being down there. What do you think would happen to your mind after a few days of being kept isolated? This was the case for many who found their way into the hole. Only it wasn’t a few days that they were kept in there, it was a lot longer.

Hours, days, and time itself would melt into a continuous dark existence that would turn men into something else, something far more sinister. Some would become something else than human, broken into pieces of their former selves. Imagine having to go through something like that, this was everyday life within the walls of the prison.

The World’s Most Haunted Prison

Many who went in either came out completely insane or didn’t come out alive. So could some of those ghosts still be there trying to find a way out? Could they be looking for some kind of retribution from the other side?

Good question!

It was a problem for the prison and after sometimes the process was eventually eliminated but the area still remains..  Eastern State Penitentiary held the likes of Al Capone and the infamous bank robber Willie Sutton.

Eastern State was finally abandoned in the mid-70s. Even while  Eastern state was still in operation, there were all kinds of paranormal activity going on. Inmates and guards would both complain about having experiences with the paranormal. Once the prison was closed the activity then picked up. Eastern state now serves as a prime location for paranormal experts.

Check out this video of another paranormal investigation at the prison

Video Source – Steve Cote

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