Strange And Creepy Haunted Dolls,Strange and Unexplained Ed Warren Tells The Real Story Behind “Annabelle”

Ed Warren Tells The Real Story Behind “Annabelle”

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By now most if not all of you know about the horrifying movie “Annabelle” and the even more terrifying story behind the doll. It’s the demonic Raggedy Ann doll that has caused a lot of problems for various people. The late paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren cracked the case and eventually sealed the doll in their haunted museum. The movie version of the doll is beyond creepy, but the real life version looks isn’t. However the real life doll is said to harbor an inhuman spirit.

The Most Haunted Doll On The Planet

The doll is sealed away in a case that says do not touch. However there are those who have visited the museum and haven’t followed the rules. In one such occasion a man ignored the warnings and taunted the doll. He was then told to leave the museum and after he did he died in a motorcycle crash.

Mere coincidence or something more….

There are those who think that the stories about the doll are fabricated or extremely exaggerated. The couple did have a lot of input on the first movie, however it was fabricated. The real story behind the doll is a bit creepier in our opinion. Whether or not the stories about the doll are exaggerated or not, we wouldn’t even dare mess with this doll. Check out this old video of Ed Lorraine speaking about the real story behind the doll.

Video Source – Official Ed and Lorraine Warren Channel

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