Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained Elon’s Creepy Tesla Bot Will Be Making Its Way Into Homes Soon

Elon’s Creepy Tesla Bot Will Be Making Its Way Into Homes Soon

The Tesla Bot Of The Future

Elon Musk recently revealed more details about his company’s artificial intelligent robot. He painted picture of what life would kind of be like for Tesla customers a decade or so into the future.

The 172cm Musk Tesla Bot is supposed to take away from the boring, mundane, and risky tasks we partake in on a regular basis. Musk also said we must prepare for the merge with artificial intelligence. The first component of that is by having a bot that does things like cooking, cleaning, and general maintenance.

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Terminator Or Savior Of Mankind?

In mid 2021, Musk talked about the robot “Optimus” and that it would use the same sensors as Teslsa’s other autopilot software. The problem is that it’s self thinking and could see humans as a potential threat. How could we stop something like this from destroying us? The bot will be able to carry about 45 pounds and life 150 from the ground. The bot will also be able to learn in a way that humans are able to learn.

This worries a lot of people because of the potential for the robot to turn on humans. Imagine a bunch of robots that serve us and all of the sudden they go crazy and start taking everyone out. I think there have been a lot of movies in the past about this, will we ever learn?

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