Floating Ghost City, Real Or Fake?

Floating Ghost City, Real Or Fake?

Piute Reservoir ‘Fake Town in Uta...
Piute Reservoir ‘Fake Town in Utah … Like Truman Show Fake’

So there's a bunch of talk about this floating city that was seen in China over a  few days period. Now before we go into if it's real or not, scientist are saying that it really did happen but that it was a just a mirage. Now the fact  that they're calling it a mriage is a bit odd, not in the fact that it couldn't be a mirage, but the fact that all of the witness say that it looked NOTHING like any city in the area or anywhere for that fact. 

The pictures of the city look rather odd, and most who saw it said it looked like an alien city in origin. Now there are some experts that say that this could be a parallel dimension opening up and that this could be a reflection of a city from well….. somewhere else. Many are saying that it's a hoax, but the problem is that it was also spotted in a different area a few days later. Some are say that the clouds that floated over the first city are part of the same cloud system that went over the other one. In that case could this mysterious city be connected to the clouds some way?

Check out the video below 

Floating Ghost City, Real Or Fake?




SOURCE – SPIRO- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoFMvMT9TTM

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