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The Black Eyed Children 

When we first heard about this legend we initially thought it was something out of a Stephen King or Wes Craven movie. Children with really pale skin and eyes black as night just standing there motionless staring at you, and that’s not the creepy part. According to various people who have come face to face with these children or whatever they are, it’s their gaze that’s creepy. 

Supposedly if you come into contact with these kids and if you stare into their eyes you’re supposedly suddenly frozen with fear. People have said to not been able to move and felt almost as if they were under their control. 

Could this be real?

According to various sources they are real, but there’s always going to be people who don’t believe and others who simply are going to lie about a story just to get their 5 seconds of fame. 

But if they are real, what do they want?

That seems to be the question of the hour, who are they and what do they want. Could they be a hybrid alien species telepathically injecting or projecting stuff into our minds, or is it all in our minds and these kids simply aren’t real?

Who knows…

Check out the video by EdgeOfNightfall and see what you think.

Video Source – EdgeOfNightfall

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