Could The Stories Of This Flying Cryptid Monster Be True?

The Flying Cryptid Monster

The Mothman was first sighted sometime around 1966 in West Virginia. The creature is said to partially resemble a man, a moth, and a bat. The creature is said to be the size of a large man with large bat-like wings. The flying cryptid monster is said to strike fear in the hearts of those who come face to face with it. 

Mothman sightings keep to be increasing in volume. The flying cryptid-like creature is most prominent in the Midwest area as of late. Especially in the Chicago and Nothern Indiana area. Strangely enough, there have been a lot of reports coming from residents living in the city area. Some of the reports are rather terrifying, and there’s even some footage of the creature in flight.

Video Source- Youtube- Bills Channel –  

Monster Or Something Else?

Some say the Mothman is connected to aliens or interdimensional beings. Could it be some type of creature that we still haven’t been able to classify? Could it have been brought here from some other dimension? Or could it be something that has been dormant for centuries that woke up during our time period?


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