You Wouldn’t Last 1 Night In This 760 Year Old Haunted Hall

England's Most Haunted

England’s Most Haunted Hall

England’s Chingle Hall is said to be the most HAUNTED location in all of England. Located in Whittingham Township close to Preston, The 760-year-old hall is said to harbor countless spirits. Numerous people were murder around these grounds because of their religious beliefs.This has lead many to believe the imprints of these murders still lingers in the air. 


Strange symbols have been found etched inside of the hall. Locals believe this to be the work of occultists and satanist groups. There those who say the hall served as a place of evil during the 1960s. Could these groups have manifested something terrible that hasn’t left? Could the bad energy there be older, from a time period long forgotten? 

Video Source – Youtube – Ritascott1 

The Most Haunted Location In England

The Most Haunted Hall In England

There have been a lot of various paranormal groups do investigations in Chingle Hall. Even prime-time paranormal shows have done paranormal investigations and overnight stays. From all of the evidence and witness testimonials. It’s hard to NOT to say that ghosts infest the hall, as well as other entities.

Video Source – The Hamshire Ghost Club 

Would you stay the night in the hall if you had a chance?

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