An Inside Look At Some 1800’s Freak Show Pictures

Freak show Pictures From The 1800’s 

The Circus Has Come To Town

Now I’ve personally never been to a freak show in a circus and honestly, I think the term “Freak Show” is a little bit harsh. But from doing some research some of these people felt like this was the only place that they belonged and actually were ok with it. I’ve always heard of these types of carnivals traveling around when I was a kid but never did any of them actually come near my town or area. 

By looking at some of the pictures and studying various people and their history, you have to feel very sorry for them, especially those who lived in times where things were very different. In our time we have a ton of resources and various things that they could have used in order to get around and do things better. But back then they had to do everything anyway that they could. 

Some of these are both terrifying and amazing at the same time, I wonder what life for them was like and I wonder what it’s like for those who are deformed that are living in our times

Check out the video!  SOURCE – Eskify

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