Gamers Unite, Grand Theft Auto and Lovecraft Horror Come Together In – Dead Static Drive

Dead Static Drive

If you’re a Grand Theft Auto fan, but also are into Lovecraftian horrors, you’re in for super treat. Game developer Mike Blackney’s Dead Static Drive will combine the worlds of both into one game.  Blackney described the name as “Grand Theft Cthulhu” and is set to release on Steam this year.

The game as you driving your way alone a desolate countryside trying to avoid monsters that are similar to “Graboids” from the first Tremors movie that starred Kevin Bacon. It will be like Grand Theft where you have to fight, scavenge, take, and bunker yourself in throughout the game.

The other thing is that you have to fight off other players and people looking for the same things you are. The game sounds pretty interesting and we found a teaser of it below. Will you be playing it when it comes out?

Video Source – Mike Blackney

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