Get Your Brooms Ready, There’s A Huge Witch Festival Coming Real Soon

Calling All Witches!

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Valencia Spain Fallas Is Loud. Bird's Eye View Of The Fireworks

There’s huge witch festival taking place next weekend, March 7th 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Austin, Texas. You can come in black robes, witch hats, and bring brooms if you like.  The “Witchfest” is taking place at Joudan-Bachman Pioneer Farms and has a lot of room for the various activities they plan on having. The cost is $5 dollars and you can get your tickets through Eventbrite.

The day will be full of various workshops, entertainment, rituals, demonstrations and anything witch related. They’re also going to have entertainment for the kids like bounce houses, carnival attractions, face painting and more.

While the festival is fun for people of all ages, it also has an educational side to it as well. There are a lot of demonstrations and relations on popular misconceptions about witches. So the thought that all witches are evil and they only like to conjure up demons and evil isn’t right. A trip to Austin may clear up a lot of your question. So if you’re in the Austin, Texas area and need something to do, the Austin Witchfest is a must see!

Check out more information on their event here> Austin Witchfest

Photo Pixabay – Jill Wellington

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*Source -Photo Pixabay – Jill Wellington

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