The “Night Sky Petunias” Look Like They Hold The ‘Galaxy’ In Their Petals

If there’s one thing that most of us never get tired of, it’s looking up at a dark clear night sky. The awe of seeing millions of stars, planets, and endless wonder always seem to keep us all looking up. People are fascinated with the galaxy, from leggings, bedding, nails, and now flowers?

Night Sky Petunias

Night Sky Petunias are the perfect addition to your garden. These beautiful flowers are actually native to South America. They bloom in shades of deep purple with white that resembles various pictures of the galaxy.


Petunias have been around and popular in gardens since the 19th century. But these flowers were actually created only a few years ago by German breeder Selecta. The different colors are effected by the lighting they get. So breeding these flowers are a bit tricky if you don’t have a green thumb.

Check out the flowers here in this video we found by Mississippi State Trial Garden

Video Source – Mississippi State Trial Garden

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  1. Gorgeous. I must plant some in my Gardens at Church . Thank you all hope to see some soon hopefully at the Crows Nest Nursery in Blacksburg, Virginia

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