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The Most Haunted Battlefield – Gettysburg 

The Civil war battle of Gettysburg is known as the bloodiest battle in history. The battle took over 51,000 lives in a 3-day span. A battlefield that saw that much death and misfortune in such a short time has to be tainted. These were young men that wen to fight and die. Most of them passed so quickly they’re still confused on the other side. Leading some to believe that these ghosts don’t realize they’re dead.

The trauma from all that death has to have left an imprint in the ground and surrounding areas. There are stories of people hearing drums, guns, and the sounds of screaming. Could they still be reliving their fates day after day?

The Walking Dead

While the battle itself was something from a horror movie. There was a section they called “the walking dead”. It was an area where the soldiers with head wounds would be kept. They would wander the grounds until they would fall over and die. The imprints of those soldiers still have to be roaming around that area. Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts.

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