Jesse Lee Home For Children

The jesse Lee Home For Children

Jesse Lee Home For Children


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Kentucky Trip Day 1946 Experimental Homesteader

Unlike other places that you hear about that were known for abuse and neglect, the Jesse Lee home for children was actually a good place. They in fact had a child which one a contest to design the Alaskan state flag in 1927. However, the location sadly didn’t escape a natural disaster. In 1964, it was smashed by an earthquake which actually as the worst in Alaskan history.

The home and school were hit the worst and in the process there were over 100 kids that died that day, but some say that number is debatable, some argue it was only a dozen or so. The location was rebuilt and eventually turned into a museum, and now the area is said to be haunted by the ghosts of the children that died on that day. There have been various reports of strange sounds, laughter, singing, and giggling coming from various parts of the location.

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Jesse Lee Home For Children

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