Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained Ghost Adventures Crew Says Creepy Doll Shop Is “Beyond Haunted”

Ghost Adventures Crew Says Creepy Doll Shop Is “Beyond Haunted”

Ghost Adventures Crew Says Creepy Doll Shop Is “Beyond Haunted” post thumbnail image

The Haunted Doll Shop

You never know what you’re going to get when you purchase an antique doll. It might come with more than you bargained for, especially if it’s a haunted doll. Antique dealers Michael Canadas and David Robinson have been dealing with antique dolls since 1989. Then in 2009, Robinson purchased a new place to restore and call it home. The problem is ever since the renovations happen, something paranormal has been taking place. The happenings have been so frequent and creepy that they caught the attention of the popular show “Ghost Adventures“.


It’s the show where Zak Bagans and crew go to different haunted locations in order to investigate them. They try and figure out what may be haunting the location and if it’s something good or bad. In this case, there are a lot of energies that reside within the antique doll shop. On numerous occasions, neighbors have complained about hearing construction going on in the upstairs area. The problem is that area is vacant and no one is up there. Could this be some kind of paranormal thing going on in the upstairs area?
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Video Source – Travel Channel

The Most Haunted Building In Pacific Grove

The location is said to be the most haunted and the oldest in the entire area. So there’s a lot of history behind the location and that could be part of what’s going on. When the Ghost Adventures crew did an investigation, they were able to pick up some disembodied voices. The main one was that of a woman who said she needed help and didn’t know who she was. Could this be intelligent ghosts speaking from beyond or something else?


Could the ghosts be trapped in the location or are they part of the spiritual energy that resides within the dolls of the store? No one really knows, right now all we can do is guess at best. It’s hard to decipher what goes on after we leave this plane of existence. What is known is that there is something else beyond what we call reality.

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