Student Loan Company Glitch Causes Them to Send 55,000 Identical Letters To One Person

If there’s one thing that anyone who went college has in common is STUDENT LOANS. Now imagine getting 55,000 identical letters at the same time due to a system glitch by the student company. Ok we can understand a few letters and even a dozen, but 55,000?

An Ohio couple received the letters when the mail man came around back to their house and delivered the massive amount of letters. The letters from College Avenue Student Loans, contained a statement for a loan the couple had taken out for their daughter.

The company said it was a glitch and that the right letter would be sent to them. I would ask for the company to come and pick up all the letters they sent in the first place. Now the couple has to decide what they are going to do with the 55,000 letters.

Video Source – Inside Edition

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