This Haunted Indiana Cemetery Is Said To Be Cursed By Gypsies

Gypsies Graveyard – Crown Point Indiana

There’s a small cemetery located just outside the town of Crown Point, Indiana known as the “gypsies graveyard.” The location is said to be haunted beyond belief. The reason being is because of a curse that a group of gypsies casted on the area. Supposedly, the story is that a group of gypsies settled in that area some 150 years ago. Apparently they were mistreated beyond belief, and before they left they put a curse on the land. Eventually the land was turned into a graveyard that is now supposedly haunted.

Horror Legend Or Myth

The graveyard has been visited by numerous paranormal groups. Some of have claimed to have had some intense experiences. However, the story behind the cemetery is debatable and very murky at best. Some say the story itself was made up and that nothing happened in that area. It was one of those stories that was made up by some teens to scare others. There have been those who have been to the area many times and haven’t had anything happen to them. Then you have others who have claimed to have had some creepy paranormal things going on.

Whether there’s a curse or not, there have been numerous reports of strange things going on here for the better part of a 125 years or so. Some say that it’s the gypsies that put a curse on the land, others say it’s because of something much darker and older. 

Gypsies Graveyard – Crown Point Indiana

Source – Northwest Indiana Ghost Hunter 

Haunted Location Or Something Else?

It’s hard to come up with a solid answer for locations that are supposed to be haunted. Without any real proof of a haunted history, all you have is hear say. Sometimes stories spin out of control and turn into something else. Could the area’s paranormal activity stem from something much older? Could there be an entity within the area or is it all stories?


  1. This video was previous to my joining NIGHTS Paranoraml, but because the group has dwindled down the Jessica and I, we as NIGHTS want to thank you for featuring our teams video!! 

  2. The real name of this cemetery is Southeast Grove Cemetery. It is not haunted and the people living in the surrounding houses just want our neighborhood to be left alone. We are families who live around here. We do not want “ghost hunting” and vandalism taking place in our neighborhood. The people living in the neighborhood have rights to be buried in this cemetery when we pass and would like to do so in peace.

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