Gypsies Graveyard | Crown Point Indiana

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Gypsies Graveyard – Crown Point Indiana

There’s a cemetery that’s located out in the middle of nowhere near the town of Crown Point, Indiana that’s shrouded in mystery and legend. Supposedly the story is that a group of gypsies were horribly mistreated by the townsfolk of Crown Point over 150 years ago and before they left they put a terrible curse on the land that they were on which is now a cemetery.

Many of who have been to the graveyard will tell you that there’s something off about the place. There’s some kind of presence or energy that doesn’t feel right at all, could it be part of  the curse? The odd part is some of these people didn’t know about the curse before going to the cemetery, others say that this area is an energy center and that the curse was just a made up story.

Whether there’s a curse or not, there have been numerous reports of strange things going on here for the better part of a 125 years or so. Some say that it’s the gypsies that put a curse on the land, others say it’s because of something much darker and older. 

Gypsies Graveyard – Crown Point Indiana

Source – Northwest Indiana Ghost Hunter 

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