This 134 Year Old Hotel Is Said To Be The Most Haunted Hotel In The USA

The Crescent hotel, Arkansas

There’s been a bunch of shows and groups who have identified Eureka Springs, Arkansa’s Crescent Hotel as the most haunted hotel in the United States. It’s been said that many of the guests who checked in never really checked out. The Crescent Hotel opened in 1886 but was haunted even before it opened up.

Some say the grounds the hotel was built on was sacred land. And by building this hotel on that ground it disturbed the spirits and entities that reside there. Others say that it’s haunted because there was a curse placed on the ground that the hotel sits on. 

Whatever the case may be, this place has had tons of reports of some rather creepy stuff going on within its walls. It has a deep and rich history of some rather scary stuff.

The reason the hotel is called the most haunted Hotel in the United States is because of how OFTEN something paranormal actually happens. Just about everyday someone has some kind of paranormal experience within the hotel. There are various locations within the hotel that are more active than others; however activity has been reported in every corner of the entire place.

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  • Diana

    Disappointing to say the least. I feel like I wasted my time watching this video. How is someone going to do a video about their experience in a haunted room and the one thing that freaked her out she says she can’t and WON’T describe?! I’ve seen worse in my own place. My suggestion, don’t do a film about the paranormal of you aren’t going to explain the paranormal. I’m skeptical that anything happened.

  • D. Quain

    Sure would have liked to know that at the time this was filmed, you shared what made you so afraid and that you could not wait till morning!
    Very disappointing!
    I will never get to the Crescent Hotel so I guess I will never know

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