Strange And Creepy The Paranormal A Creepy Inside Look At Indiana’s Most Haunted – Primrose Road

A Creepy Inside Look At Indiana’s Most Haunted – Primrose Road

A Creepy Inside Look At Indiana’s Most Haunted – Primrose Road post thumbnail image

Indiana’s Most Haunted – Primrose Road

There’s an area near the north side of South Bend, Indiana right close to the Michigan state line that’s supposedly haunted. Actually we know for a fact that it’s haunted because we’ve been to this place on a few occasions. Primrose road is an extremely odd area, on one side of the there are some very expensive homes and then the road comes to a stop. The road forks off into a wooded area that hasn’t been paved. 

It’s almost like going back in time, and the area looks like it would be a prime location for some homes. There’s a lot of stories that say this area is cursed and that a group of people were massacred here. People have reported seeing a phantom cabin and a person swinging a lantern in the dark. Stories tell that at one time there was an attempt to build houses in the area but there were too many odd things and accidents that happened there so they scrapped the project. 

Indiana’s Most Haunted Primrose Road

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The Most Haunted Road In Indiana

We’ve been to a lot of locations in Indiana that are known for being haunted. But Primrose road isn’t like any other we’ve ever been to. The first time we went to Primrose we had a pretty creepy encounter with a shadow figure. We were driving through the wooded area when dark blob looking shadow darted right in front of our car. It made everyone in the car stop talking and start freaking out. We also saw shadows moving around in the woods, almost like they were watching us. On another occasion we saw a lantern type light swinging from a tree in the nearby woods. When we went back through that area we didn’t see it anymore. We figured there was someone in the woods messing with us. That is until we learned about the ghost who walks through woods with a lantern.

The other even creepier thing that happened to us while in that area was a run in with a phantom car. We’ve heard about people having run ins with a car that comes out of no where and then vanishes into thin air. That’s what happened to us, we were driving down the dirt road at around 5 mph. You can’t go any faster because the road is so bad. However, there was an old style car that all of the sudden was behind us. They ended up passing us, the creepiest part is that we couldn’t see inside of the car. The only thing we saw was a person looking back at us from the back seat. We all got this creepy feeling because the person looking back somewhat didn’t look real. It’s hard to explain, but when the car went around a small curve it vanished into thin air.

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