Indiana’s Most Haunted Primrose Road

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Indiana’s Most Haunted Primrose Road

There’s an area near the north side of South Bend,Indiana right close to the Michigan state line that’s supposedly haunted. Actually we know for a fact that it’s haunted because we’ve been to this place on a few occasions.

Primrose road is an extremely odd area, on one side of the there are some very expensive homes and then the road comes to a stop. The road forks off into a wooded area that hasn’t been paved. 

It’s almost like going back in time, and the area looks like it would be a prime location for some homes. There’s a lot of stories that say this area is cursed and that a group of people were massacred here.

 People have reported seeing a phantom cabin and a person swinging a lantern in the dark. Stories tell that at one time there was an attempt to build houses in the area but there were too many odd things and accidents that happened there so they scrapped the project. 

We actually saw the man with the lantern and what was really creepy was that when we moved towards him he completely disappeared. There are numerous other odd things going in and around that place. Check out this video of an investigation that took place there

Indiana’s Most Haunted Primrose Road

Source- DirtyFox productions 


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