Strange And Creepy The Paranormal Entering This Haunted Kentucky Sanatorium Isn’t For The Faint Of Heart!

Entering This Haunted Kentucky Sanatorium Isn’t For The Faint Of Heart!

Entering This Haunted Kentucky Sanatorium Isn’t For The Faint Of Heart! post thumbnail image

Waverly Hills Sanatorium Kentucky 

There’s a creepy monstrous structure on the hillside of southwestern Louisville, Ky. The massive abandoned complex sits as a reminder of its haunted past. The Waverly Hills Sanatorium was a tuberculosis hospital after a massive outbreak took hold of the area. A lot of those people died, as many as 60,000 are said to have passed within the walls of the sanatorium. Many who have had encounters there say a lot of the dead are not resting in peace. Many of them are still hanging around the grounds of the location.

This former tuberculosis hospital has a dark and haunting history that draws paranormal enthusiasts from all over the world. The building’s imposing architecture and eerie atmosphere make it a popular destination for those seeking to experience supernatural activity firsthand. In this article, we will explore the history and legends of Waverly Hills, as well as provide information on how to visit and experience the paranormal activity for yourself. So, buckle up and get ready to delve into the dark history of Waverly Hills Sanatorium.

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The Most Haunted Sanatorium In The World

The reason the sickness was so deadly was because of the humid climate. They didn’t have antibiotics back then, so they had to find other ways to help alleviate the pain. The problem was that some of these so-called helpful methods were barbaric. For instance, they would occasionally remove ribs so people could breathe better. The problem with this is that it didn’t help and it only made things worse. Countless people died leaving a stain on the walls of the complex.


Thousands of people miserably passed on to the next existence. Some believe all the pain and suffering brought evil entities to Waverly Hills. Numerous people have reported seeing a dark menacing shadow when wandering the halls. Could real evil lurk within the walls watching those who walk around? Entities feeding off of the negative energy that still resides there?

The real question is this…. WOULD YOU STAY THE NIGHT THERE?

The History and Background of Waverly Hills

Waverly Hills Sanatorium was originally built as a tuberculosis hospital in 1910. At the time, tuberculosis was a widespread and deadly disease that had no known cure. The hospital was designed to provide patients with fresh air and sunlight, which were believed to be important for their recovery.

During its operation, Waverly Hills became known for its experimental treatments and procedures, some of which were controversial and painful. Patients were subjected to surgeries, injections, and even electroshock therapy in an attempt to cure their illness.

As the years went on, the development of antibiotics and other medical advancements led to a decline in the need for tuberculosis hospitals. Waverly Hills closed its doors in 1961, but it was later reopened as a geriatric center. However, reports of neglect and abuse led to its closure once again in 1982.

Today, Waverly Hills is known for its dark history and haunted reputation. Many people believe that the spirits of former patients and staff still linger within its walls, making it a popular destination for paranormal investigators and ghost hunters. Despite its troubled past, Waverly Hills remains an important piece of history and a fascinating place to visit for those interested in the paranormal.

Hauntings and Paranormal Activity at Waverly Hills

Waverly Hills Sanatorium has a dark and eerie history that has led to numerous reports of paranormal activity. Visitors have reported hearing unexplained noises, seeing apparitions, and feeling cold spots throughout the building. One of the most famous hauntings at Waverly Hills is that of a nurse who is said to have hanged herself in Room 502. Many visitors have reported seeing her ghostly figure wandering the halls or appearing in their photographs.

Another common sighting is that of a little boy playing with a ball in the hallways. It is believed that he was a patient who died at the sanatorium and now his spirit remains. Visitors have also reported hearing disembodied voices, footsteps, and doors slamming shut on their own. Some have even claimed to have been touched or pushed by unseen forces.

The paranormal activity at Waverly Hills has been documented by various paranormal investigation teams, including the popular TV show Ghost Adventures. The team captured footage of unexplained shadows, EVPs (electronic voice phenomena), and even a full-bodied apparition on camera.

While some visitors come to Waverly Hills hoping to experience paranormal activity, others are simply intrigued by the history and legends surrounding the sanatorium. Regardless of your reasons for visiting, it’s important to respect the spirits that may still linger within the walls of Waverly Hills.


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45 thoughts on “Entering This Haunted Kentucky Sanatorium Isn’t For The Faint Of Heart!”

  1. I don’t believe in ghosts, but I do believe in demons. I will not stay there because I believe that those so called ghosts are actually demons pretending to be the dear departed.

      1. U mention the bible but I don’t believe in ghosts?!?!?!?! The father the son and the holy ghost!?!?! Guess we do not pray to the same God!

        1. That’s a much better explanation (BBC) than Bush’ lame statment’s about him being a consaspiomate American, and doing the right thing by allowing America to heal after the Watergate scandal.I wonder who is going to pardon Bush?

    1. I work there after school. Then after I got out of High School I when to work there full time. I work night shift there for couple of years. I never seen anything whole time I work there… So I say B/S on ghosts Story….

      1. I lived around waverly hills rode horse back up there when open my late mother inlaw was there and later my grandmother as it was turned into nursing home Never saw anything spooky yes!

  2. I would love to stay a few days and explore thoroughly while attempting to make contact with any presences and gather evidence.

    1. I do believe in ghosts and I also believe that Waverly is high haunted and active ghosts and spirits only make themselves known to certain people and if this place wasnt haunted then ghost adventures wouldnt have been there and caught things and the owner wouldnt have ran out like she did plenty of times and I’m wiccan so I believe in all of this at Waverly

  3. My gift is a pretty amazing & with it comes moments of confusion, emotion & electric currents of nerves that I will never get used to. As a child my Abuela & Tia both showed me how to protect my self when I know there approaching me or trying to make there presence known. Sometimes I see a full figure flesh & blood & many more times there a flash of light rushing bye with static electricity. This hotel will never be completed. It will scare & torment & cause misfortune to everyone who is involved with the renovation & cause the sane to go insane! This place needs to be torn down, Blessed & left as a huge field in memory of the every single soul that suffered it’s torment & torture. Peace be with you.

    1. LOL! Renovations have been going on for years and no one has been tormented or gone insane yet. I think you need to return that gift. It seems the one you got is defective!


  4. My great grandfather died there of TB in 1941. He had passed away 3 weeks after my grandfather died of colon cancer. I never had the chance of meeting either one. I have often wanted to visit Waverly, but I am hesitant for obvious reasons.  I am not crazy about it being turned into a hotel.

  5. I would stay there I am from Lou My I was born and raised not far from there as a Teenager me and my friends use to hang out. There every weekend I don’t know about if I believe it is haunted or not cause we never saw anything but we had fun exploring it all night

  6. I snuck in there years ago, before the current owners bought it. Not a chance in hell would i set foot in that place. They couldn't pay me to  stay there.

  7. Yes I would stay and want to stay at Waverly Hills. I have been to the haunted house during the Halloween season. I think it would be very interesting. There is a lot of history it that building.

  8. I would stay there if only my terms were met. Meaning if Ghost Adventures did another show there then I would go. Of course I'd be wearing my mom's ring. It's my protection charm.

    I would advise you those that want to stay there. Don't piss off the spirits. They will gladly latch on to you and follow you home.

  9. what's wrong with you people lol? ofc it won't talk to you when it's dead, and this fake flashlight thing isn't proof of anything lol

  10. This was not an insane asylum.  It was a hospital for those suffering from tuberculosis.  I visited there a few years ago, I had a few experiences while there.  In no way was there ever any evil feeling when I was walking through.  Although, there is a presence on the fourth floor that is not a happy one.  It won't bother you unless you provoke him.  Unfortunately/fortunately for my uncle he decided to provoke "Big Black" and call him out saying he didnt believe that he was there and if he was then he should prove it.  My uncle said that he then felt a sound smack square on his forehead.  He then apologized to the spirit for provoking him and then went on with the rest of his hunt.

  11. Waverly Hills was a Tuberculosis Hospital. Not a psychiatric hospital. Also, the death toll is closer to 10,000

  12. The owners the Mattinglys are rels give of my late grandma Evelyn Mattingly  Smith.went there with my brother dwight.I was too claustrophobic  to go see laundry shoot put dead through in tunnel.But my family was touched on way out tunnel

  13. My parents worked at Waverly, late 1940’s early 50’s. I have never been inside the building, but I’ve always wondered about it and wanted to tour inside. The outside of the building was amazing to me as a child. I would still like to visit. My mom worked in the kitchen, and dad worked as an orderly.

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