Kansas man finds 6-foot boa constrictor hiding in couch

The Hidden Snake

Imagine going home after a long day of work and finding a 6 –foot long snake hiding in your couch. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would think of finding a snake that long in a home in Kansas of all places. Now we can see if they lived in Florida or any other warm place where snakes thrive, but Kansas?

Apparently emergency responders were called to the Kansas home where firefighters had to retrieve the snake in what they called “an unusual call”. The odd part is the person living there has been there for 4 years and has never heard of anyone having a snake in the complex.

The police and firefighters say they still can’t figure out where the snake came from and how a snake that size even got in the house. But they are hopeful the owner of the snake will come forward soon. I honestly don’t think they will, I mean it’s not that hard to realize you’re missing a 6 foot long snake.

Video Source – Live News 24/7

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