Pass On The Flowers, Give a Bouquet Of Pickles This Valentines

What better way is there to say I love you, or I care for you than with a pickle bouquet? Of course you can get someone some roses or chocolates, but you probably do that every year. What about the perfumes and lotions and what not?

This year Grillo’s Pickles has you covered. They came up with a really cool package to create a festive treat that all those who love pickles will enjoy. Imagine expecting a bouquet of flowers and receiving these instead?

Best Gift Ideas for your love
Best Gift Ideas for your love

The bouquet comes with your own kit to create your pickles, plus a free coupon for some pickles. They also help you to use some of your own creativity when creating your bouquet. Why not add other things to it to spice it up a bit.

You can use tomatoes or other veggies that the person your buying it for may like. You can also use a little imagination and create your own design with the kit.

Check out their site here > Grillos Pickles

Video Source- CBS Boston

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