World Record Set With 2,800 Pound Firework Over Colorado Sky

Steamboat Springs, Colorado’s annual winter carnival saw a world record happen on Saturday night. When a firework that weighs about 2800 pounds, about the same as a Toyota Corolla was set off over the night sky.

Steamboat Fireworks launched the shell out of a 26 foot steel tube that was buried in Emerald mountain. The mountain overlooks the festival so it was the best spot for the firework to be displayed.

The team invested hundreds of hours on the project and checked everything over and over to make sure the event went without a problem. The previous record was set in 2018 in the United Emirates. The hardest part was figuring out a way to get a ton in the air, literally.

How would you shoot a car up in the air with precision without failing? Well that’s where the team took a lot of time with careful planning. Just to wrap the firework it took them a month and 8 days. Just imagine how much other work it took to set this thing off.

Video Source – Passfire The Fireworks Series

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