An Inside Look At The Hotel Galvez Most Famous Ghost – The Lovelorn Lady

The Lovelorn Lady “Hotel Galvez”

The Hotel Galvez is known for being a beautiful place as well as “the playground of the rich”. But a little over 100 years ago tragedy struck the island and it was nearly wiped off the face of the earth by a massive hurricane.

Numerous people died in the storm and some say that those ghosts haven’t left the island and now haunt the hotel Galvez. But out of all the ghosts that haunt the island there’s one in particular that’s known above them all.


Story has it that she waited for her love in the hotel but that his ship sank, she waited for a month but he didn’t return. So one day she hung herself inside of the hotel only to have him actually show up a few days later.  He had a hell of a time getting back and the fact they didn’t have email or anything like we have makes it 10 times worse. 

Now the staff says that she’s still there waiting and walking around, there’s a ton of spooky things that happen to guests that are all attributed to the LoveLorn Lady! Could she still be there walking around waiting for her long lost love to come back? And out of all of the spirits that frequent this area, why is she the most prevalent one? Why is it that she is the one that most people see and how is she able to manifest on such a regular basis?

Checkout the video and find out! 

Check out the video of on the Hotel Galvez’s most well-known spirit!


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