This Illinois Farm Has A Terrifying Reputation For Being Haunted

Most Haunted Farm In The USA

Most Haunted Farm In The USA

Cherry Grove Township, Illinois Willow Creek farm has a pretty creepy paranormal history behind it. Willow Creek is known to be the most haunted farm in the USA. The farm’s history stretches back to the early 1800s. Even from the farm’s inception, stories of paranormal activity have been commonplace. Residents complained of feeling like people were watching them and even being touched by unseen forces. There were also reports of the ghostly figures of Native Americans moving around the farm then vanishing into thin air.

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Illinois Most Haunted Location

There are various other reasons why they call Willow Creek the most haunted farm in the USA. One of those is because of the entity known as “the creeper”. Paranormal experts say the creeper is not of human origin and that it could possibly be some kind of elemental spirit. Others say it’s some dark forest spirit that was attracted to all of the bad things that happened on the farm’s land.

The house has had a long history of owners, some of which seem to haven’t left, even in death! Supposedly there are 7 entities in the house, all of them have their own reasons for staying inside of the house. Could a lot of the past owners still be there, or is it something else?

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  1. I would love to witness the hauntingat this home. I have always been interested in the possibilities of hauntings!  I have always questioned what I have done or have been in my previous life, because of  my profound interests. 

    1. This a cool fact- the owner of the Willow Creek Farm is my grandpa’s cousin. I have meant him once, when I was little. There was said to be a spirit that follows him around and someone in my family, who has a sensitivity, actually saw the spirit. I think her name was Sarah or something.

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