There’s A Terrifying Reason The World’s Most Haunted Island Is Off Limits

 The Worlds Most Haunted Island! 

Poveglia, Italy has been called “the worlds most haunted island” for a good reason. It’s said that as many as 150,000 people died there and that’s a low ball figure.

It’s been a place of death and diseases for a very long time. It was a place where the sick, old, and near death where sent during the Bubonic plague to live their last days. It was also used as a dumping ground for those who died, they were left there to rot. 

There are even rumors of it being the home of a mad scientist.  A man who would preform insane and barbaric experiments on people. He would torture numerous people and eventually kill them in a many different sadistic ways. He eventually met his end when he jumped to his death in a fit of insanity, many locals who live near the island say that his evil ghost is still there among the thousands of others who are also trapped. 

This place is so feared that the Italian government closed it off to people. However it wasn’t like everyone was fighting their way to get here though. Anyone who was familiar with the stories and tales of gruesome things going on here stay away and don’t dare set foot on this island.

But some years back the Italian government decided to lease the the island, and someone actually bought that place. Now it’s rumored that there’s plans on a luxury hotel being built there, but that was also a long time ago.

The most extreme haunted luxury hotel?

 Could you imagine the amounts of ghost stories and creepy stuff that will happen if they actually go through with this plan? It’s not for sure yet and it’s just rumors, but what else would a rich man with an island with a very dark history behind it do with it?

Check out these videos we found. In the first video by TRUE10 you’ll see how horrific this place actually was.

In this NEXT video you’ll see Brennen Taylor actually STAY on the island, talk about whoa!!!

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